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CHOREOGRAPHY~ This new & exciting class offers students the opportunity to learn the rudiments of creating choreography.  Class components include instructional teachings and rehearsal time, along with practical experience in the classroom.  Students accepted into this elite class will develop their own choreography to be showcased at our year-end show.  This class is a favourite with all students! 

MUSICAL THEATREMusical theatre is an expressive style of performing that combines all the different aspects of theatrical arts.  This discipline involves dancing, acting, lip-syncing, story telling and characterization.  Musical theatre is the perfect way to build confidence and learn how to express yourself in an energetic, fun-filled class.  Students will learn how to express themselves through movement, words and emotion.

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PARENTS & TOTS~  See how much fun it is to dance with your little one!  This is a class for toddlers aged 2 and older.  It is an interactive class between toddler and parent, where the two will learn to dance together!  It's a fun class where toddlers enjoy dancing with their new dance friends and parents enjoy watching their child learn in a fun and positive environment. 
LYRICAL / CONTEMPORARY~ This class is beautiful and edgy and is always a crowd pleaser.  Lyrical / contemporary is an interpretive form of jazz that develops from a ballet base.  It focuses on expressing movement to slow music while interpreting the lyrics of the music through dance.  Lyrical / contemporary dancers are beautiful story tellers.  This class strongly emphasizes flexibility, balance, emotional expression and musicality.
JAZZ~ Jazz is a stylized form of dance that combines energetic movements with fundamental technique.  Students will participate in a warm-up, conditioning, across the room movements and dance combinations.  Students will develop their stretching, flexibility, jumps, turns and much more!
TAP~ Tap is a fun way for dancers to develop rhythm, timing, musicality and co-ordination.  Students will progress from learning basic rhythms and footwork to developing more stylized, demanding footwork.  Students love this popular form of dance where their feet get to do the talking!
BALLET~ Ballet is the basis for all dance forms and it is strongly recommended that all dancers enjoy a ballet class.  In ballet class dancers learn correct body placement and posture, strength, flexibility, technique, grace and poise.  Dancers work at the barre, across the room and in centre.
ACROBATICS~ Acro is a combination of dance and gymnastics.  Students begin working on basic acro tricks with the use of gym mats and they progress to more difficult balance tricks and tumbling.
HIP HOP HOORAY~ Hip Hop Hooray is a high energy class that teaches the youngest of daners the basics of both jazz and hip hop.  This is the perfect class for little ones with lots of energy!  It builds strength, flexibility, co-ordination, musicality and technique and is set to current music hits.
LEAP & LEARN~ This unique pre-school class is an exciting program that introduces young children to the wonderful world of dance.  Classroom exercises involve basic movements such as skips, gallops and turns.  Children develop gross motor skills, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.  A perfect way for young dancers to get started!
COMBINATION CLASS~ An introduction to jazz, tap, lyrical, acro and hip hop is offered in this specialized combination class.  Students will have the opportunity to experience different styles of dance throughout the year.  This is a wonderful way for new dancers to sample all styles of dance in one single class.
STRETCH & STRENGTH CONDITIONING~ Dancers will work on their flexibility as well as their strength conditioning.  Correct positioning, balance, flexibility and strength are the core components of this class.
DROP IN CLASSES~ Drop in classes are the perfect way for adults to stay in shape and for 'retired' dancers to remain active in dance.  Classes may be purchased individually or in bulk class cards.  Classes will focus on stretching, strengthening, flexibility and learning fun new moves in jazz or hip hop style.  This is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health.  Bring your friends and have a fun night out while staying fit!